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Someone Reportedly Took a Shit in a Sink At the Stockholm Police Christmas Party

This is the second story to come out this week about Swedes pooping at inappropriate places.
Swedish police working. Photo by the author

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This article originally appeared on VICE Sweden

Sweden is currently experiencing a small wave of people shitting at inappropriate places. Less than a week after reports about people shitting on a church floor in Kristianstad, Stockholm's police department's Christmas party on Friday resulted someone taking a shit in a sink, according to Aftonbladet.

The Christmas party was held at the police's headquarters at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Sources to the newspaper claim that staff at in-house restaurant had trouble getting the drunken police officers to leave. When they finally left, the revellers decided to move the party to their offices, where they partied until the early hours of the morning.


"A few people went to the management corridor and erased directives from the whiteboard. Someone pooped in a sink at the female restroom, while used condoms were also found at a desk and all objects had been thrown to the side," one police employee told Aftonbladet. Also, the names on some of the police bosses' office doors had reportedly been replaced with naughty words.

Stockholm City's police commander Christian Agdur says everything was in order when he left the party at about 10:30 PM. When asked about how he felt about the shit and the condoms, Agdur said he was "angry and upset."

The police held another Christmas party yesterday but so far there haven't been any reports on people doing their needs anywhere other than the toilet – yet.


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