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Trailer: Life After Food

How I lived on nothing but Soylent, the futuristic food replacement, for 30 days straight.
November 8, 2013, 5:35pm

You've likely heard about Rob Rhinehart by now: The 25-year-old software engineer was tired of cooking and paying to eat out, so he created Soylent. It's a total food replacement that he says provides every calorie, nutrient, and vitamin the body needs—without any excess waste. Rob lived on the stuff alone for 30 days straight, and the feat quickly propelled him to internet fame and fortune.

So I thought I'd investigate the burgeoning future food phenomenon. I'd become the first person to repeat his feat—for a month straight, I'd try to live on nothing but the chemical cocktail, just as Rob had. At the end of his first 30 days, he announced, "I've never felt better in my life." Could I possibily feel the same?

Along the way, I'd spend some quality time with Rob, now Soylent's CEO, and examine the Silicon Valley-inspired startup's origins. I'd let professional food critics sample Soylent, and get doctors and nutritionists to analyze the stuff. I'd investigate how an artificial food replacement might impact human health and global hunger issues. And I'd do it all on a full-Soylent diet.

This is the story of life after food. Watch the full doc next week on Motherboard.