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Krewella Quietly Drop "Say Goodbye," Their First Song Since Becoming a Duo

Luckily for their fans, it's not a deep house derivation.
November 24, 2014, 11:48pm

Krewella sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf put a new song out this weekend without much fanfare, their first since splitting with the group's former third member, Kris Tindl, earlier in the fall. Any fans worried about the musical direction going off course can now rest easy, because the punk meets EDM confessional style that the group has become known for hasn't gone away. "Say Goodbye" is a little bit screamo and a little bit drum n bass. In short: it's all Krew.


Lyrically, it would be hard not to read this as a farewell to Trindl, though it could just as easily be directed at anyone on the recieving end of a breakup. Either way, the spirit of resilience and life-affirmation remains the througline from their debut album Get Wet and on "Goodbye."

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