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Here's the Trailer for Our 'Noisey Lebanon' Film

In the full length Poet meets Chyno, a Syrian-born rapper, who is part of a collective that tackles radicalisation.

What are you saying about Lebanon's music scene? Probably not much, let's be honest. But out on the dusty streets of Beirut and in the houses across the border from Damascus are a bunch of creatives making music – about all the usual fun shit rappers usually make music about but also with a strong focus on some important and relevant topics to the political situation in their part of the world. So, in order to shine a light on this, we've created Noisey Lebanon – the latest in our series of films focusing on countries, cities, and the music that bleeds through their veins.


In Noisey Lebanon, Poet – the host of our Noisey Blackpool documentary and all-round star – meets Chyno, a Syrian born rapper, who is part of a collective who have come to create an album that tackles the subject of radicalisation. Later, he speaks with two Christian sisters who work inside the prisons of Beirut, often with former radicals, who offer their opinion on whether or not Chyno and his friends' rap project can have a significant impact on life in and around Lebanon.

Have a watch of the trailer below.

You can find Noisey on Twitter.

Their album is a mixture of research and creativity and involves the work of psychologists and social workers who worked with extremists, and ultimately influenced their sound. 

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