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Noisey & Friends feat. Makonnen, Kilo Kish, Tommy Genesis, Eddie Huang, and More

Whattup winter bodies, slip into some spandex and let Makonnen work you out. Plus, it's the Green episode and Eddie Huang's hanging out in Japan's notorious suicide forest.

Did you spend a lot of this winter eating pizza? Same. Well thanks to Makonnen you can ping back into shape. His Muscle Moves are a sight to behold. Not only will he help get you one step closer to buns of steel, but his workouts are about pushing literal bad vibes away. Woah. Also in the Green episode of Noisey's beloved variety show, VICELAND's Eddie Huang heads to Japan to talk to the band that play a forest notorious for suicides. They hope their music can bring people back from the brink. Plus, Kilo Kish, Birdcloud, Tommy Genesis, and William Tyler make some appearances, variously braiding hair, performing, and eating a snack that rhymes with their name. Who is doing what? Watch above.