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This Shop Is Selling Buckfast Easter Eggs

The perfect Easter gift for fans of the fortified tonic wine that gets you really, really pissed!

Easter can be a tricky time. That long weekend when you haul yourself (and, inevitably, a load of dirty washing) back to your childhood home to binge-eat Mini Eggs and have Sunday lunch with relatives who wonder out loud why you're still single always seems a little too long.

But one shop in Northern Ireland has something that might make the holiday easier to deal with: Buckfast Easter eggs. Yes, we mean the fortified tonic wine brewed by monks in Devon with a reputation for getting you beyond wasted.

D-Bees, the shop in County Armagh selling the Bucky Easter eggs, has taken orders for 2,000 of the boxes, just 24 hours after advertising the alcoholic package. Each box costs £9.99 and contains a chocolate egg and a mini bottle of Buckfast (perfect for easy concealment when visiting Great Aunt Edna), as well as a Buckfast-branded pen, magnet, and lighter.

On second thoughts, given the high crime rate linked to the wine, a lighter probably isn't the best choice of "bonus extra."

According to The Courier, Derek Brennan, owner D-Bees, decided to put together the Easter Bucky bundle after his success with similar Christmas and Valentine's Day packages. He added that he had 20,000 eggs to sell and would ship to anywhere in Britain.

If mixing hard booze with chocolate isn't quite your thing, you can always toast to our risen lord with a Buckfast negroni. Happy Easter.