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Chance the Rapper Is Donating a Million Dollars to Chicago Public Schools

The rapper announced his donation during a press conference at a Chicago elementary school.

On Monday, Chance the Rapper held a press conference at Wescott Elementary School in Chicago, where he revealed that he'd be donating a million dollars to the Chicago Public School system. The donation will be funded through ticket sales and a partnership with AEG and Ticketmaster. In addition to that donation, Chance also announced that his non-profit organization SocialWorks will be donating $10,000 to select Chicago schools, starting with Westcott Elementary.


The three-time Grammy winner kept fans updated last week as he met with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner about the city's public school system. After their meeting Friday, he seemed frustrated when addressing press, stating that Rauner gave him "a lot of vague answers." Soon after, he tweeted "Chicago Public Schools and I did not lose today. Please don't let that become the narrative. Monday morning I'll have a plan." At the conference Chance said that Rauner won't "give kids a chance without caveats or ultimatum." Today's press conference can be streamed live on Chance's Instagram account.

UPDATE (March 9): On Thursday, March 9, Chance revealed the select Chicago public schools that he'd be donating $10,000 to. Those schools are:

Nathan S. Davis Elementary 
Mahalia Jackson Elementary
Charles Carroll Elementary
Roberto Clemente High
Paul Robeson High
Orr Academy High
Hirsh Metropolitan High
Benito Juarez Community Academy
Fenger Academy High

Photo: Screengrab from interview via Yahoo

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