Radioactive Boars Roam Fukushima as Residents Forced Home

Fukushima residents face toxic boars and radiation after being forced to return home
March 10, 2017, 7:26pm

 Six years after Japan's worst nuclear disaster, former residents of Fukushima are being forced to return home despite radiation significantly higher than recommended safe levels and herds of radioactive wild boar that have taken up residence and no longer fear humans.

Saturday marks the sixth anniversary of the disaster at the nuclear power plant and as the anniversary approaches, authorities in Japan have lifted evacuation orders on four towns inside the 12-mile exclusion zone, despite radiation being 20 times above the recommended levels.

The result is that some residents who fled the area in March 2011 are now facing a almost impossible choice — return to their homes near Fukushima or remain in their new homes, but with their housing subsidies withdrawn and compensation payments withdrawn a year later. The situation has been described by Greenpeace as a "looming human rights crisis."

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