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Matthew Herbert's Remix of Maya Jane Coles' "Senseless" is an Unexpected Delight

2020 Vision's 20th anniversary is marked by a heavyweight remix package.

When you look back over its near 20 year history, the impact of 2020Vision is pretty impressive. Having helped launch the careers of the likes of Motion City Drum Ensemble, Paul Woolford and Huxley, the Leeds-based label has been flying the dance music flag for Yorkshire, and proving that the electronic music in the UK isn't just restricted to clubbing hotbeds like Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and London.


As part of its two decade celebration, 2020Vision have announced the details of Content; a 3-CD compilation mixed by Ralph Lawson featuring twenty new, original productions, as well as remixes of classic tracks from Simian Mobile Disco, Eats Everything and Tom Trago - amongst others. One of 2020Vision's close associates and now gargantuan house star Maya Jane Coles is also included on the mix, with Matthew Herbert's 'Left Way' remix of her track 'Senseless'.

From afar, this may seem like a strange pairing. Maya Jane Coles' sensual, upbeat house stylings don't immediately make you think of conceptual provocateur Herbert - the man did record an album using a pig carcass, and more lately of a sound clip of a falling bomb - but perhaps it's the dichotomy that makes this such an unexpectedly great remix. Featuring Maya's vocal work and Herbert's more avant reworking, there's a gentle, micro-house swing to the proceedings that turns Coles' voice into a mesmeric lull.

You can stream it exclusively below. Content is out on 30th June, and you can pre-order the compilation from iTunes here.