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Falcons' Remix of Brenmar's "Medusa" Will Get You Laid

Hey baby, listen to this...

Just when you thought you'd exhausted Brenmar's "High End Times Vol. 1" as an aphrodisiacal resource, the Brooklyn-based producer is back with a remix EP to be released on Tuesday.

The standout track of the release is the Falcons' re-work of "Medusa". The original version is a sultry, 808-laden R&B beat with glitched-out samples and radio-ready Rush Davis vocals. Falcon's remix keeps the mood but pulls the track stylistically towards a Jersey club vibe and showcases a near obsessive preference for the lyric "look into my eyes as you ride me."

We're not big on making grand assumptions here, but this track is either about an emotionally needy horse and his jockey or just straight up coitus. Either way, we're down.

Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Medusa feat. Rush Davis (Falcons Remix)
2. Super Fly feat. Sasha Go Hard (Matic808 Remix)
3. Hey Ladies feat. Uniiqu3 (Neana Remix)
4. Payroll feat. Calore (Byrell the Great Remix)
5. Medusa feat. Rush Davis (DJ Tiga Remix)
6. Payroll feat. Calore (Illuminati AMS Remix)
7. Medusa feat. Rush Davis (DJ Big O Remix)
8. Super Fly feat. Sasha Go Hard (Suicideyear Remix)

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