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Go Festival Hopping With Steve Angello

We follow the SIZE label boss on his journey to EDC New York, Las Vegas and Electric Forest.

Steve doesn't talk a lot, but when he does it's done on stage with his energy and music. Steve is an extremely skilled DJ and often doesn't require the use of his headphones to mix the tracks. After all, every track he plays he knows it by heart and could probably mix it backwards. When I first met the man at The Guvernment in 2005, his energy dominated the room as he entered. Steve usually wears a plain t-shirt, a simple but expensive looking pair of jeans and the latest edition of Nike Air whatever. Not far behind is Ben, Steve's tour manager whose features best resemble the famous fashion designer Tom Ford and he's always in a suit, ALWAYS.


Steve was playing The Solaris Festival in Toronto last year and I was asked to focus on his set particularly. We collaborated there for the first time; this was when our friendship began. By timing the exact moment when the giant mortar would hit with Ben, I managed to capture the most explosive photo yet in Steve's career and mine.

Following that moment, I was asked to help capture Steve's post Swedish House Mafia return to Ultra Music Festival and SIZE Records' ten-year anniversary. From there I traveled with him to EDC New York, Las Vegas and Electric Forest. Take a look at our photo diary.

EDC New York:

Ben's (Steve's tour manager) little bag of essentials and Steve's headphones.

Steve's a real human magnet.

All smiles heading into an interview.

A quiet moment before the show.

He loves pyro, I love catching them (and it's not easy).

EDC Las Vegas:

Off to the helipad towards EDC Las Vegas.

Ready for take off.

My first time on a helicopter and I got a killer view of the Vegas strip!

Previewing the stage set up with Ben and John, Steve's Lighting Director.

Steve pulls away before the show to get ready. He likes to be alone for a few minutes before the show.

T-minus three seconds.

Some of the most dedicated fans I've ever seen…

Then he borrowed my camera.

I don't care how long you've been doing this, playing to 80,000 fans will still take your breath away.

Encore Beach Club:

This guy wearing my photo of Steve from EDC NY!


Cooling off the sweaty crowd with some CO2…

…timed precisely by Ben (okay so it was too hot to wear a suit that day) with Brandon (Steve's production manager). All smiles from the background.

Still smiling from the crazy weekend.

Electric Forest:

Oh, hi!

Yum yum wagyu burger sliders!

SA: "Let me show you how to use this camera." VB: "You're kidding right?"

Sneak peak of the new album.

"Hold still, let me take a picture of you."

"The massage therapist told me my back is fucked!"

Electric Forest was by far the most fun we had together, you can tell just by this face he's making.


After show meeting with Steve, Ben and Brandon.

We toured the forest after the show, this installation really caught Steve's attention.

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