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Dabble Are LA's Foremost UFO-Hunting Psychedelic Bossa Nova Band in Their "Caramelized" Video

"We believe in aliens."

Seems that Tom DeLonge isn't the only West Coast musician with his eyes to the stars. Dabble, a self-described "Neu Dream hip-pop" band from Los Angeles have just released a video for their song "Caramelized" off their upcoming debut album Touch. The video, directed by Daniel Bonilla, sees famed performance artist and self-identified "femme queen" Luna dancing alone on a secluded beach while UFOs buzz around in the sky.


The minimalist nature of the video blends perfectly with tone of the song which sees the band incorporating a bossa nova element into their usual brand of hypnagogic soundscapes, creating a sound that could be described as what would happen if Spacemen 3 and early Gustavo Cerati collaborated with João Gilberto. We reached out to the band to talk about their music and alien invasions.

Noisey: How did the band start?
Dabble: Dabble started as an experimental recording project in 2013 by Daniel Bonilla and David von Hegedus. After the release of the first EP, David and Daniel decided to they wanted to bring the band to life and found members Austin Pacheco, Jordan Fielder and Danielle Evans. Since summer of 2014 we've been a full band and just finished our debut album. Very few bands have created genres to describe themselves. Can you tell us what exactly "Neu Dream Hip-Pop" is?
In the past, we've been described in ways that we never felt connected to or fit properly. In Los Angeles, there is a very specific type of "Psych Rock" that has been cycled around, and we don't feel we are that type of band. Creating our own genre to describe ourselves was a way to break from that. We simply mashed the genres that influence and inspire our music the most.

What is the song about?
Being able to find closure and acceptance in isolation. The apocalyptic theme of the song comes from being surrounded by chaos while still allowing yourself to find peace. Luna's mesmerizing performance is a highlight of the video. Can you tell us what inspired the collaboration?
While coming across Luna's path when casting for the part, it was very empowering to see someone so comfortable in their own skin. They embodied the song. Can you explain the UFOs?
The UFOs represent the absurdity of today's environment. Plus, we believe in aliens.

Daniel G. Wilson is a writer and musician from Mississauga. He's on Twitter.