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Dana White Offers $25 Million Each For Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Mayweather says he wants $100 million. Dana’s first offer is $25 million. Will they settle at 65 and put on the biggest fight in history?

Just minutes ago on FS1's The Herd, Dana White escalated the whole, "Will Floyd Mayweather actually fight Conor McGregor" discussion in a major way.

After discussing some of the finer points of fight promotion, the excited UFC president said that he is willing to offer Conor and Floyd $25 million each to face off (plus a portion of the Pay-Per-View revenue)in an event that Dana says would include an entire card of fights.

Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather told ESPN that he would be willing to accept the match, which would be his last fight ever, for a whopping $100 million—and would only offer Conor $10 million, citing that he didn't think the mixed martial arts star has ever made that much off one bout. Dana White was sure to point out that this wasn't true, however, and mentioned that both fighters would be big enough draws to deserve a more equal split.

So, is this actually going to happen? Will they settle at 65 and put on the biggest fight in the history of the world? Of course they will.