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Didier Drogba Expertly Refutes "Boring Chelsea" Claims

Didier Drogba fires back at "Boring boring Chelsea" jeers during Arsenal match with video of teammates having fun being goofballs.

Chelsea and Arsenal played to a 0-0 draw Sunday, earning boos and chants of "boring, boring Chelsea" from the Emirates crowd. Chelsea didn't need to win, and played like it, but after the game Jose Mourinho actually flipped the script and called Arsenal the boring team. "I think boring is 10 years without a title—that's boring. If you support a club and you wait, wait, wait for so many years without a Premier League title, then that's boring."


Cold blooded from Mourinho. He also quipped that maybe the home crowd were booing because Arsene Wenger took Olivier Giroud off the pitch, which is as damn fine point as Giroud is a man. Today, Chelsea continued to fire back, this time with Didier Drogba posting a video of his teammates heading the ball to each other in succession before skillfully depositing it in a nearby garbage can. They all lost their shit, jumping around like little kids and Drogba left the caption "Boring boring Chelsea!!!!!" There were also crying emojis.Troll on guys, you're doing it better than anyone.