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High School Football Recruit Creates CGI-Laden Superhero Movie to Announce He's Going to Duke

This is probably the most elaborate college football commitment video you've ever seen.

The superhero movie genre may have grown a bit stale, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take the time to appreciate a special effects-laden recruitment video from four-star defensive end Tahj Rice, which was released through the Louisville Courier-Journal.

We begin with mild-mannered reporter Tahj Rice strolling into the office of the editor who holds up a newspaper with the headline: "T-Nasty is on the loose. Where will he go next. Can he save the day?" Could the unassuming, bespectacled reporter Tahj Rice really be the legendary hero T-Nasty?


Next we find out that a beauty queen has been taken hostage, and that five schools are vying to rescue her. Oregon, USC, and Virginia Tech are quickly dispatched by the kidnapper using a hadouken and various lightning bolts. Louisville appears to take the upper hand—Rice is from the Louisville area—but there's a plot twist! T-Nasty emerges with a Duke shirt, incinerates Louisville dude with some kind of blue fire clap, and rescues the fair damsel with the help of his optic blasts.

And so Tahj Rice has chosen Duke. He explained his decision—without the use of CGI—to

"I mean, I'm from Louisville. They have a good team, a great team. But I wanna get out there. I want to see more things, and the education, education-wise, you can't really get any better for mixing education and football than Duke."

Certainly the Blue Devils football program lacks the cachet of Louisville, or any of those other schools, to be honest. Perhaps they have a better audio/visual department?

h/t Reddit