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Now Watch This: A Mind-Bending 1970 Documentary on LSD

This 1970 documentary on lysergic acid diethylamide, presented by the Food and Drug Administration, explains the powerful hallucinogen's effects on humans, as well as it's therapeutic potential. While LSD is the main focus, it does briefly mention other hallucinogenic substances as well.

It's filled with interesting Erowid style trip stories, and one man described a horrifying hallucination he experienced staring at a friend while under the effects of peyote, "her face distorted into a sort of a flesh dripping monster face."

Combining graphics that suggest a hallucinogenic experience, snippets of interviews with users (who explain their reasons for taking the drug) and doctors, and taped sessions of research with volunteers, the film delves into the destructive as well as possible positive uses of the drug.


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