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Stream The xx's New Album "I See You" and Let the Chillwave Gods Smile Upon You

Bathe in the soft glow of their more optimistic new sound.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Finally, after years of waiting, the chillwave gods have smiled upon us. Finally, The xx's long-awaited third album

I See You

has landed in our laps, tailor-made to soundtrack all your atmospheric walks and important life events, and you can listen to it right now.

If the previous two xx records can be described as winter, "I See You" is the beginning of spring – still cool, but warmer too, with a bit of sunshine starting to peep through the clouds. Following on from the sound of the previously released tracks "On Hold" and "Say Something Loving", I See You is endowed with an overall more optimistic vibe. And if there's anything we needs now, it's optimism, so pour this beautiful thing into your ears and feel a little bit better about the world for the duration.  Stream I See You below: