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Enjoy These "Beer Labels In Motion"

We raise our steins to a Tumblr.
All images via Beer Labels in Motion

Welp, it’s another Friday afternoon, and while it might not be five where you are, it’s past five here. Time to crack open some cold ones, and complain about the week—or whatever it is you do.

Before you head to your favorite bar or backyard or church (I’m trying to be inclusive here), check out this “Beer Labels in Motion” Tumblr. Normally when the label on your beer starts moving–or winking at you–that means it’s time to go home, but fortunately these gifs skew towards “Harry Potter Whimsy” rather than “Soused up sadness.”


The gentle genius behind the Tumblr is named Trevor Carmick; he's a video editor at Shotgun Media, and craft beer enthusiast who has been posting on Tumblr since May. I hope he never stops.

My personal favorite GIF is for Great Lakes Brewing’s Edmund Fitzgerald porter, although I haven’t had the beer much since the time my roommate caught me finishing his six-pack before I had a chance to replace them. At the time it seemed justified—I can’t for the life of me remember how such a d-bag move seemed okay, yet in the moment, it really did—but seeing his face when he got home and went for a beer certainly disabused me of that.

Anyway, it’s the weekend now. Cheers.