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Classical Sculpture Collages Shatter Antique Traditions

Photographic reproductions of ancient sculptures create new associations in Ewa Doroszenko’s 'The Promise of Sublime Words.'
Images courtesy the artist

Photographic reproductions of ancient sculptures create irregular and imperfect collages in Ewa Doroszenko's image series, The Promise of Sublime Words. Her work reflects the role of photography in a post-internet world: by deconstructing her images, Doroszenko is able to distort typical associations with ancient art form—classical sculpture, in this case—and in turn create new relationships that span materials, space, and time. Doroszenko says the aim of these works is to, “destabilize a natural sense of order.” This is her way of creating new associations far removed from any of the original images she begins with. “My aim was to show my favorite statues as objects, which arouse ambiguous associations,” writes the artist.


The project began when Doroszenko was studying an her art history final. The review process had her looking through pictures of ancient statues. To help with memorization, she isolated pictures of these ancient artworks and attached them to the different related discussion points. The artist began to pore over the digital archives of private collections, as well as photograph museum interiors and exhibitions herself. Her aim was to source a collection of photographic reproductions that varied in quality and scale. Thus, it is with this wide variety of imagery and applications that the artist explodes many mediums; sculpture as her powder, photography the catalyst, and the internet her canvas.

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