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63-Story Tower Brings Modernism Back to Midtown

Will 100E53 start the term the "Artpacking District?"
Renderings courtesy DBox

So much of the New York City skyline is changing, with every neighborhood experiencing acceleration in the form of commercial and residential mega-developments in unexpected places.

Leading the charge is the 100E53 residential tower developed by Aby Rosen and designed by architect Norman Foster’s Foster+Partners. The 63-story building due for completion in 2017 has a blade-like minimalism to it. It gracefully undulates over other neighboring reflective glass towers. Its elegance comes in the form of measured simplicity, still incased in glass but with more perceived airiness.


“It has a lot of energy. It is a building that is beautiful from the inside out and the outside in,” Rosen said at a recent unveiling.

At first reference, the midtown neighborhood is an unlikely destination for such a sleek new tower usually found in the Meatpacking District or in the Financial District, but upon visiting the site an air of upscale artistry becomes clear. 100E53 will counter the historical onyx colored Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building but adds to the minimalist aesthetics of the Lever House across the way and MoMA a few blocks down. It is in fact vetted as the most "modernist" neighborhood; even seven Calatrava sculptures line Park Avenue from East 52nd to East 57th.

The building will contain lofts with concrete floors and high ceilings for those who don’t want to be downtown but still desire that lifestyle, as well as other more traditional penthouses and residences. 100E53 will offer a world of luxury amenities for those future residents that have an appreciation for art, architecture, and culture, and can afford to shell out the $3,350,000 starting price.

Rosen and cohorts hope to establish a new urban composition with this new holographic-like tower and accompanying offerings in retail and new designer supper clubs. So, will 100E53 start the term the "Artpacking District?"

To learn more about the building click here.


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