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Bullet Casings and Magnets Make Magic at a New Exhibit

If Steve Jobs was born in Mad Max times, this might be what the Macintosh looked like.
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Tarnished metal, bullet casings, and magnets sound like materials for a post-apocalyptic war machine, but in the hands of new media design group PanGenerator, they're quite the opposite. Thousands of bullet shells, 70 pneumatic actuators, hundreds of neodimium magnets, and five industrial-grade transmission belts come together in the new installation Miara Pokoju, or Quantum of Peace. Displayed in Poland's Warsaw Rising Museum, the rudimentary interface displays facts and statistics about the end of WWII, which just had it's 70th anniversary, and the Warsaw Rising Movement, which just had its 71st.


The museum commemorates the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, a revolt against the Nazis that coincided with the Soviet army's invasion of the city. Exhibitions include photos and monuments to members of the uprising, a hall containing a full-size B-24 Liberator airplane, sections devoted to the horrors of both Nazi and Soviet rule, and now, Quantum of Peace. See the kinetic installation in the images below.

See more of PanGenerator's work on their website.


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