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Inside the Wes Anderson Tribute Art Show

'Bad Dads VI' features everything from Steve Zissou Adidas to a portrait of Tilda Swinton—too bad it's already sold out.
Kemi Mai. All images courtesy Spoke Art

This weekend at the Joseph Gross Gallery in Chelsea, the film prowess of Wes Anderson crosses mediums into fine art. Bad Dads VI is a weekend-long exhibition that pays tribute to the auteur's celebrated career with the works of over 70 artists. The art ranges in inspiration all the way from Bottle Rocket to The Grand Budapest Hotel, featuring all the familiar faces of Anderson’s works, including Jason Schwartzmann, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Wilson brothers, Willem Dafoe, and of course, the indomitable Bill Murray.


“He’s everyone’s favorite director,” Ken Harman, the gallery’s curator tells The Creators Project, “As a director, his use of color, his set-design, his costume-design, his characters, all of it lends itself really well to artists and opens up to interpretation pretty easily.”

Check out some of the works featured at Bad Dads VI below:

Valentin Fischer

Dean Stuart

Jayde Fish

Max Dalton

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