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[Exclusive Premiere] Glasser Enters A Metallic Wonderland In "Shape" Music Video

Watch the fantastical, new music video, directed by Jonathan Turner and produced by The Creators Project
January 9, 2014, 3:20pm

Cameron Mesirow, aka


, has noted multiple times that she struggles with spatial anxiety. Similar to agoraphobia, the artist's relationship to space is a complicated affair that informed the creation of her sophomore LP (appropriately titled)



The song, "Shape," adds insight to the album's conceptual goals with lyrics like "My home has no shape/Nothing to sustain me/But to keep me safe/from imagined pain." The new video for the track, directed by Jonathan Turner and produced by The Creators Project, adds a visual layer to the artist's intimate disclosure, as it places Glasser in a metallic, transformative fantasy world where she is tormented by the walls and enclaves of a house set in the middle of an ocean.

Though it may be disquieting and nerve-wracking, the video is artistically consistent with the other ephemera tied to _Interiors. _From the album art and press photos, to the video for the other single, "Design," the avant-pop guru is illustrating that she has an intensely personal relationship with physical space. Yet with this album, Glasser strives to burnish her surroundings into a trans-dimensional, warped reality of her own imagination.

In "Shape," we see the singer tip-toe around the isolated, castle-like structure as if she were Alice first setting foot in Wonderland or the subject in an interior designer's nightmare. The short is an experimental exercise in her facing her demons, rather than a regurgitation of familiar fairy tale tropes.

Watch the mutated, visceral video and get lost in Glasser's fantasy world. Her dark meditations on architecture and space have never looked so cool.

Video credits:

Director - Jonathan Turner

Producer - Mitsu Hagiwara

Cinematographer - Chris Bierlein

Stylist - Alice Bertay

Choreographer - Megha Barnabas

Hair/Makeup - Agata Helena

Set Construction - Ricardo Luna

1st AC - Vanina Feldsztein

Key Grip - Freddy Cintron

Gaffer - Erik Rooney

Swing - Kelley Nesper

DIT - Daniel Phakos