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Get Disconnected with Interactive Installation END OF BROADCAST

Montreal-based creative studio Iregular's latest creation questions our dependence on communication devices.
All images courtesy the artists

Montreal’s Quartier Des Spectacles recently began its annual light art festivities, providing viewers with an illuminated and creative-minded transition into the shortest period of daylight. Over a whole saison celebration, the art destination turns into a large-scale outdoor playground providing Montrealers with an array of innovative digital works.

Many projects are spread out all over the city, enhancing the effervescent area. Among these many creations, Montreal-based creative studio Iregular offered up END OF BROADCAST, an interactive audiovisual installation questioning our dependence on media and portable devices.


It's a playful sociological observation on modern behavior. “This piece was made under the curatorial theme of 'human futures,'” explains Daniel Iregui, founder and creative director of the studio. “I am exploring the overwhelming information and communications we deal with every day, similar to watching TV and changing the channel every two seconds. The window at Place des Arts where the piece was placed is divided insix sections, so I assigned each section its own color and TV channel with a tune when touched,” he tells The Creators Project.

In keeping with the studio’s main purpose—to offer original participative products—the creative team invited viewers to appropriate the AV installation by making contact with the screens while being tracked by a laser scanner-powered system. Thus, motion affected the piece by using TV channel audio and visuals to create minimalistic and glitched patterns generated by each attendees’ interaction.

For those who want to contribute to END OF BROADCAST’s visual narrative, the installation runs until January 31, 2016.

Watch the video to see how it performs:

END OF BROADCAST – Places des Arts, Montréal from Iregular on Vimeo.

Created by: Iregular
Concept and visuals: Daniel Iregui
Interaction Development: François Loubert-Hudon
Sound Design: Mauricio Iregui
Produced by Quartier des Spectacles and the National Film Board (NFB)
Powered by X-Agora


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