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Believe It or Not, These Alien-Looking Things are Bubbles

Visual effects wizard Joey Shanks is at it with the bubbles again.
May 20, 2016, 1:30pm
Images courtesy the artist

The last we checked in with Joey Shanks, the analog VFX maestro was bending water with vibrations from a 24Hz bass tone. In the time since, he decided to shoot a 4K sequel to his Giant Bubble Explosions video for PBS Digital Studios, in which he used light and motion to make bubbles float, shimmer, and burst in beautifully psychedelic ways. But Shanks didn’t want to just repeat a proven formula.

“I was capturing good stuff but felt the video needed a new twist to it,” Shanks explains on his YouTube page for his latest video, Giant Bubble Reflections in 4K. “So randomly I tried mirroring the bubble clips when editing and was amazed with the results.”


What Shanks created in the editing process is basically a range of kaleidoscopic bubbles. Even more so than his original video, the bubbles in his latest look like alien entities. Looking at the mirrored bubbles, it’s hard to believe it’s not CGI instead of in-camera effects tweaked with a very simple editing technique.

Check out Giant Bubble Reflections in 4K below:

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