These Photos Will Put Your Voyeurism to the Test

If 'Rear Window' was a Norwegian photography series...
June 13, 2016, 1:05pm
Behind the curtains. Images courtesy of the artist

Sometimes, when I’m stuck in traffic, I’ll look over at another driver, a complete stranger, and try and guess where they might be going. I’ll ask myself things like, “What are they doing this weekend?" or, "What did they have for breakfast?” These are the sorts of itching questions Norwegian photographer, Ole Marius Joergensen, wants viewers to ask of his cinematic photography series, Behind the Curtains.


It’s clear that the subjects of Joergensen’s photographs aren’t aware they're being photographed. They're caught off-guard, through open windows, engaged in something. The more we gaze, the more we interpret. But are these conclusions truths, or rather, projections? Each image is taken from the perspective of someone outside looking in, the viewer in its uneasy sense of surveillance. One can’t help but feel like they’re invading private spaces—then again, maybe that's the secret to their irresistible allure. Every tiny piece of information gives birth to another question, reminding us of the still image’s ability to tell as many stories as it does creat unanswered questions.

Stormy Night

Joergensen writes, “Norwegians like their privacy and yet some peoples’ curiosity can be obsessive..” This sort of fervor has been the subject of television shows and movies including Disturbia and its predecessor, Rear Window, and penetrates Behind the Curtains. 

Peeping Tom

The letter

You might think of ‘voyeurism’ is some whacko sex fetish reserved for perverts and lonely old men, but I think most of us have experienced some sort of urge to people watch, making Behind the Curtain a relatable and perhaps self-reflecting piece for all of us.

Gunhild in the night

The phone call

Bad news


Ole Marius Joergensen has had numerous solo exhibitions in Oslo, as well as in Amsterdam and London. His work has been shown in group shows and art fairs all over the states. He’s been included in a handful of award shows and contests, and is nominated for this year's 9th Annual International Color Awards.

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