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Jaime Molina's Art Exists in a World All its Own

Welcome to Cuttytown, the imaginary universe where Molina sets his paintings, sculptures, and murals.
All images courtesy the artist 

Painter and sculptor [Jaime Molina](http:// has not only crafted a perfectly realized aesthetic, one of endlessly endearing folk art rusticity, but he’s created a whole world of his own. “I'm not sure how my created world evolved the way it has,” Molina tells the Creators Project. "I try and put as much of myself in my work so maybe it translates into the characters I make and paint… I work intuitively so it's hard for me to articulate why everything is how it is. It's just what makes sense to me."


This world, whose adorably melancholic inhabitants crop up again and in Molina’s work, is called Cuttytown, and the “little bearded fellows,” as he puts it, are Cuttys.  “They're pretty much free of convention and normal society stuff. They do what they want all the time. They throw paint cans in the fire and watch them explode all over their buddies. They sell bread and use the money to buy wine and then when they run out of wine they make more bread."

Other characters populate Cuttytown—"floaties, angry half breeds/busters”—but while they still live in the town, they’ve receded from his work. “Some of them got along and some didn't. The Cuttys stuck around because to me they had so much personality."

Aside from dreaming up citizens of Cuttytown, Molina keeps busy working on projects of every scale. “Right now I am finishing up a mural with my homeboy and frequent mural collaborator, Pedro Barrios, here in Denver at the Museum of Contemporary Art.” He has a residency at the Children’s Museum of Denver, and is planning two shows in Denver and one in Amsterdam in 2016.

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