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Explore the Cutting-Edge Art Spectacle That Was Mirage Festival

For five days, the festival enraptured the French city of Lyon with performances, installations, parties, and more.
March 2, 2015, 11:00pm
Constellation 2.0 by Staminart, Yony & Studio Corium

Last week, the European cultural epicenter that is Lyon, France, hosted the third annual Mirage Festival, an event dedicated to new methods of creation and digital expression, and the artists at work exploring them. First started by Dolus & Dolus, the five-day media art celebration stayed true to its original mission: to gather an audience around performances, installations, exhibitions, parties, and talks, and to offer some of the most cutting-edge audiovisual gigs in the industry.


By alternating moments of reflection, sharing, and digital exploration, Mirage offered a look into nascent trends in tech-based art. While Kangding Ray, Martin Messier, Julien Bayle, PussyKrew, and Robert Seidel—to name a few—took over many of the city's main cultural venues, the implementation of the festival's open creative forum, which featured workshops, roundtable discussions, and spaces for collaboration spaces, would come to solidify the festival's programming.

This year's schedule had more than to delight not only artists and the public, but to generate new perspectives and discussions around multiple issues linked to innovation and technological progress in the creative and artistic fields. If you couldn't make it to the 2015 edition of the Mirage Festival, check out a few highlights below:


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