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14 Weird and Wonderful Works at The Armory Show

See 14 of our favorite works at the 17th annual Armory Show.
Bjarne Melgaard, with Bob Recine, Untitled, 2015, Mixed media (synthetic hair and eye lashes, resin, makeup, nail polish). Images by the author

The Armory Show rages on, and from new LED artworks by Jim Campbell, to giant optical illusions by UVA, to Rafaël Rozendaal's rent-able websites, seems to show no signs of stopping. With almost 200 galleries from Seoul all the way to North Africa, and over 2000 pieces of modern and contemporary art, the 17th edition of the fair is a sensory feast for collectors and art lovers alike.

“It is a very exciting moment for The Armory Show with this year’s fair marking the most focused and highest caliber edition in my tenure,” said Noah Horowitz, the fair's Executive Director, in a press release. We decided to walk all 208,000 square feet of the space to find the weirdest and most wonderful pieces at The Armory Show 2015:


1. Two hyper-realistic sculptures of Sean Henry

Sean Henry, Lying Man, 1999, Bronze and oil paint, Edition of 5, 55 x 124 x 49cm

2. A metal origami friend

Lynn Chadwick, Beast Alerted, 1990

3. Electric toothbrush for your fake teeth

Richard Hamilton, The critic laughs, 1971-1972, Electric toothbrush, false teeth, box and instructions for use, Edition of 60, KW M2. 

4. Chandelier of plastic bins

Jessica Stockholder, Celestial Season, plastic baskets, wire ties, chain, lights, driveway mirrors, paint, 2015, 

5. The history of teenagers

Ward Shelley, Teenagers V.2, 2015, Oil and toner on mylar, 34.5 x 61 inches.

6. Cement clock so you never have to worry about wasting time

Klaus Weber, Concrete Clock (I1), 2014

7. Furry explosion of colors

Bjarne Melgaard, with Bob Recine, Untitled, 2015, Oil on canvas and mixed media (synthetic hair and eye lashes, resin, makeup, nail polish) 290 x 290 x 30 cm (114 x 114 x 12 in) (BJM 1040)

8. Diagram of creative angst

Jim Torok, I Am Feeling Quite Desperate, 2007, Acrylic on panel, 37 x 45 inches. 

9. Pink chair that may or may not be comfortable (we wouldn't know)

Yayoi KusamaPollen, 1984

10. Hanging nets filled with balls and other toys

Ernesto Neto, Matters and Figures, 2009, Plastic net, plastic pearls and plastic toys. 89 3/8 x 23 5/8 x 6 1/4 inches.

11. Brigitte Bardot made of diamonds

Vik Muniz, Brigitte Bardot, 2014, From the Pictures of Diamonds series, chromogenic print 

12. A terrarium peephole

Patrick Jacobs,Fly Agaric Cluster #11, 2015, Styrene, acrylic, gouache, cast neoprene, paper, ash, talc, starch, polyurethane foam, acrylite, vinyl film, wood, steel, lighting, BK7 glass, Interior box

13. Emoji and logo overload

John O'Connor, Day Two (Beta), 2015

14. Mirror for self-esteem boosts:

Jeppe Hein YOU ARE SPECIAL, 2014, powder coated aluminium, neon tubes, two-way mirror, powder coated steel, transformers


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