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Stop-Motion Artist 'Paints' a Mondrian with Legos

'Lego Paint' captures the intimate feel of a painter's studio, bricks instead of pigment.

Channeling stop-motion master PES' animated tales of craftsmanship, a short called Lego Paint has recreated Piet Mondrian's iconic geometry with red, white, and black plastic bricks. YouTuber Cheesybricks has a diverse body of work, from classic video game reenactments to meta interactions between legos and the real world, but Lego Paint is the channel's first foray into fine art.

Like PES classics such as Fresh Guacamole and Submarine Sandwich a lot of the magic of Lego Paint is in the sound design. The "paint's" swishes and slurps give an intimate feeling to the shirt, like you're actually watching Mondrian himself at work.


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Check out more of Cheesybricks' Lego creations on the YouTube channel.


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