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Now You Can Clone Your Pet into a Stuffed Animal

Because it's cuter than taxidermy.

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From freeze-drying them to storing them in 3D-printed pet urns, there are a lot of ways to remember your deceased animal friend. Thanks to Cuddle Clones, the Louisville-based company that creates lifelike stuffed animals from images of pets, you don't have to do either. According to Cuddle Clones' website, all it takes is to "submit at least one picture (although several are preferred) and choose a few customization options (eye color, ear position, tail position)" and in four weeks time, you'll have your very own soft, squishy replica. While the only real answer to missing your lost pet involves hardening your heart and getting a new one, we think Cuddle Clones could be the surrogate best friends in the meantime. Seriously, just look at the results next to their (living) counterparts:


Click here to visit Cuddle Clones.

Via New York Post


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