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Here's Every "Kane" in Citizen Kane

Considering it's a movie about a man destroyed by his own ego, the name comes up a lot.

"Kane," is a single-syllable word which takes a fraction of a second to say aloud. But line up every instance the name comes up in Orson Welles' classic Citizen Kane, as supercut artist Duncan Robson has, and you get over a minute straight of pure dialogue. For a movie about a man who is destroyed by his own ego, the video Every Kane in Citizen Kane is a great example of how to show successful a good character naming can be. Welles' smothering use of the word isn't something one might notice during their first viewing of the 119-minute film, but the power of the name becomes abundantly obvious through Robson's expert aggregation.



Check out more of Duncan Robson's work on YouTube.


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