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This Photographer is Capturing the Most Beautiful Flooring in Paris

Sebastian Erras points his camera at the floor beneath his feet.
March 13, 2016, 4:00pm
All images courtesy of the artist 

Though most of us go to a museum or gallery when we’re looking for an art fix, there’s actually art almost everywhere. Photographer Sebastian Erras noticed that we often spend our days quite literally walking all over some beautiful designs. "The idea of photographing the floors came after a trip to Marrakesh, where I visited the Bahia Palace,” Erras tells The Creators Project. "There I found some beautiful mosaic floors and while walking through the monument I started taking some pictures of these mosaic floors and included my feet as a reference that it is actually a floor. I work a lot in Paris, where I shot Interiors, and when I came back to Paris I started noticing all these different colourful tiles and mosaic floors in hallways, restaurants, galleries and cafes.” Last May he started the Instagram account parisianfloors, which now has sixty-seven thousand followers. "I have always had a weak spot for patterns and symmetry, and being an interior photographer, the 'Parisian floors' project fits well into what I like and do,” writes Erras.

The series not only draws attention to design but to fashion as well, as Erras’s stylish shoes have increasingly become parts of the photos’ compositions. "In the beginning I didn’t pay too much attention on what kind of shoes I was wearing. However after I noticed the growing amount of comments on the shoes, I started paying more attention on what kind of shoes to wear. It’s the only other element that is visible in the image and that gives it kind of a personal connection to me,” writes Erras. "So in a way the shoes kind of represent me. Now I am trying as well to step up the game a little and push the artistic side of it more by trying to match the shoes with the floors. Most of the time when I go out hunting for floors I have a second or even third pair of shoes in my backpack, just in case."


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