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An Interactive Sculpture Produces Music from Light

'RHO' is a study of the density of forms and acoustic resonance.
Screencap by the author, via

Interactive art builds a bridge between creator and viewer. Sometimes, this mutual communication can be achieved through the process of evaluation, quietly and personally, but in many cases, interaction is essential for a work to, well, work. RHO is a piece that falls in the latter camp, a sculpture that invites viewers to create their own music—with light.

"RHO is a study of the density of forms and acoustic resonance," says Phi's Rafael Durand in the video below. The sculpture operates autonomously after intaking energy, converting light into ethereal sounds that are influenced by the sound ecosystem in which it is exposed.


RHO is a thorough exploration of empathic sound through nontraditional techniques and technology. Check it out in action below:

RHO, an interactive sculpture by PHI from Phi on Vimeo.

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A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Mexico. 


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