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Here's How You Make High Fashion Inspired by Magnetic Fields

Fashion design has never looked so magnetic.
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This article was originally published on October 2, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen's ready-to-wear collection, Magnetic Motion, looks like it could have been ripped from the pages of a science fiction fantasy. Having previously explored the ideas of synesthesia and living technology, the designer now looks to the power of magnetic fields for inspiration. And not just any magnetic fields, either— van Herpen's first inklings of the idea came from a visit to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider made up of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets.


Van Herpen writes, “I find beauty in the continual shaping of chaos which clearly embodies the primordial power of nature’s performance." To create Magnetic Motion, van Herpen collaborated with Canadian architect Philip Beesley and Dutch artist Jolan van der Wiel, who explore nature and technology in their sculptural practices.

The designer deftly used futuristic techniques including injection molding, laser cutting, and 3D printing to create the romantic-futuristic collection; this is clothing that looks like wearable architecture. For Magnetic Motion, van Herpen even "grew" some accessories herself, by manipulating magnetic metal-laden materials.

Lose yourself in Iris van Herpen's innovative collection below:

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