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Hacked Sushi and Chicken Nuggets Become Instruments in This Music Video

Using the Makey Makey device, Fourclops turns food products and animals into unconventional instruments.

Dunking a chicken nugget into ketchup isn't a conventional way to make music, but thanks to the Makey Makey it is a way to make it. And that unusual technique is demonstrated in this video from Fourclops, along with the sonic transformations of some sushi, the tops of cats' heads, plants, rubber finger monsters, polaroid cameras, and more.

The Makey Makey was designed by researchers at MIT Media Lab and effectively turns any object into a rudimentary keyboard—you just plug a crocodile clip into the desired object which hooks to your computer, and jam away. In the video above, musician Mark Redito does just that to performs his track, "Lovers."


Now, one might assume that tapping away on a sushi keyboard would produce unlistenable sounds, but such is not the case. Redito's performance shows that music-making with absurd objects doesn't have to mean compromising on quality. Hopefully not too many chicken nuggets were harmed in the making of this video, either.

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