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'DELQA' is a Sound Installation That Dances with You

Your body in motion makes this interactive sound sculpture come alive.
August 6, 2015, 6:00pm
Photos by Drew Reynolds for New Inc.

Part-adult jungle gym, part-intuitive science experiment, NEW INC's DELQA sound installation depends on your mood and movement to bring it to life. Housed in a room adjacent to the New Museum, DELQA is a sound installation threaded to a tentlke apparatus with mesh walls. As a participant, your limbs manipulate the sounds the are emmitted reactively.

The idea is to give the visitor opportunities for "moments of expansion and contraction with intimate corridors and wide openings."Based around the idea of getting inside the music of Matthew Dear (Ghostly International), the installation employs Microsoft Kinect technology to create a full range of body interactions with music modes, lights, and a tangible space to climb, push, and roll against.

DELQA was made possible by a roster of NEW INC artists, designers, and developers from the incubator program, exemplifying the wonders of joining imaginative forces to make sound a room to play in.

The exhibition opens to the public today through August 9th at New Museum NEW INC Gallery. Admission is free by emailing Learn more about DELQA by clicking here.


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