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"It's Tetris, Except It's on Fire."

This year's Burners will have to clear the bricks fast, or else start feeling the heat.

Jody "Firetiger" McIntyre and his team head to Burning Man to install the "first-ever" giant, flaming Tetris board. The tagline on the team’s Kickstarter campaign reads,“It’s Tetris, except on fire,” and it would appear that it’s actually that simple and effective: the Fire Tetris team is set to reconstruct the emblematic 31-year-old video game into a 27 foot tall gridded fire installation.

The basic block unit of the game is the ‘flamepixel’ (pictured below). The entire structure will consist of 200 of these boxes, each a laser-cut square foot of steel, fashioned with an effects head that can fill the block space entirely with flames. Although each individual ‘flamepixel’ will be small, low pressure, and contained, the Fire Tetris team ensures its followers, “the overall effect will be a massive, ever changing tableau of fire.”


Inspired by the numerous, recurring, large-scale fire art installations at the desert festival, Fire Tetris looks to create a similar effect with an array of flame. Players eliminate rows of blocks by exploding them with fire, and when things aren't going well you'll literally feel the heat as the pressure builds and the board fills up. Try not to get burned.

If these preliminary images aren’t enough, and you're hungry for a better picture of the installation, the Fire Tetris team laid out a few comparisons that might give you a better idea of the magnitude of their project: “it will be as high as a three-storey building, weigh just over a ton, be as hot as 125 BBQ grills on high, and if we joined all the pipes in a straight line, it would be as high as the Olympic Stadium in Montréal (574 feet).”

Check out the Fire Tetris website here to learn more.


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