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A/V Dance Performance Illuminates the Beauty of Connections

Human communication and supportive relationships become audiovisual choreography in 'WITH OUI.'
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Dancers respond to motion sensors through mesmerizing, smooth-yet-mysterious movements in audiovisual dance performance WITH OUI, which took place last month at the Ears, Eyes + Feet event in the B. Iden Payne theater, Texas. Choreographed by Billie Secular and Ladonna Matchett with live visuals by Rodrigo Carvalho, a.k.a. VISIOPHONE, and sound by Eli Fieldsteel, the performance at the University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance and Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music event depicts "human communication and supportive relationships," according to its creators.


In WITH OUI, a beam of light descends from the ceiling, remaining center stage for the duration of the performance. It acts as a source of knowledge, a hanging, vertical object that uses a Wiimote controller as a motion sensor, and is used as a sound-manipulating performative object. The dance captivates the viewer with its slow, mysterious movements, its emphasis on the importance of the hanging object becoming evident from the onset. Thus, with its audio incorporating tranquil, soothing sounds, which allow viewers to become enchanted by the movements of the dancers, the result is a stunning intersection between music, movement, and technology that touches on themes like interconnectedness, human-computer relationships, and the ever-looming shadow of the future.

Watch WITH OUI below:

WITH OUI [full performance] from visiophone on Vimeo.

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