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Oreo Artist Lets You Have Your Art and Eat It, Too

An ice cold gallery and an Oreo Cookie... The classic combination.
All images courtesy the artist.

Culinary artist Tisha Cherry is taking art consumption to a literal level. Most directly reflected by her punny Twitter handle @ArtintheEats” (“eats,” “streets,” get it?), the artist utilizes different edible ingredients to create masterpieces that can be enjoyed by both the mind and the palate.

“I always had a passion for food, art, and pop culture,” Cherry explains to The Creators Project via email. “So naturally I decided to merge these interests and bring together a little fun, joy, culture and humor into edibles.”


As a child, Cherry spent much of her time observing the hurried staff at her father’s restaurant in New York's Hell’s Kitchen District. This provided the basis for her understanding of the interplay between ingredients’ colors and textures that she would use to form her edible creations. With her most publicized works—the Oreo series—Cherry uses the cookies and cremes of Oreos she has collected over the past year. With her fingers, toothpicks, and knives, she creates renditions of anything, from internet tropes such as Grumpy Cat, to portraits of Vincent van Gogh.

“I do not have any formal artistic or culinary training,” Cherry explains. “So this was a good way to experiment and express myself creatively.”

Unlike most of her other works that she usually eats upon completion, Cherry is currently archiving her Oreos. So move over milk—Oreos are now Art’s favorite cookie.

You can see more of Tisha Cherry’s edible art by clicking here.


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