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GIF Six-Pack: Kyttenjanae's Leggy Vines

Some animals just shouldn't have legs.

While not technically GIFs, Vines still follow the looping format that GIF enthusiasts (and artists) know and love—and GIF makers are taking them in a really smart direction. With the same eye for absurdity and formal experimentation that makes Anne Horel's GIF and Vine series so enchanting, director and new media artist Kyttenjanae has been grafting digital legs onto a computer, a pumpkin (Holla ween, yo), and various sea creatures in order to follow a comedic instinct she doesn't always voice in her pop sci-fi artworks.


"I have a deep obsession with comedy and absurdity and have been wanting for a really long time to explore it as an outlet," she tells The Creators Project. "My friend Will [Wiesenfeld] (who's also known as that musician Baths) tweeted a rly fucked up idea about whales having legs and then I just sort of ran with it." Kyttenjanae cites Tim and Eric, Steve Brule, and Wonder Showzen as her official absurdist influences, but the internet at large is responsible for the big, horrible-legged creature slipping into your Vine feed. She continues, "I love memes. I’m really really invested in internet culture. I spend a lot of time online, just absorbing everything. It’s almost like research."

Now the product of their her Twitter conversation and her meme research lifestyle is on Vine for you to enjoy. Here are our six favorites, but you can check out the rest on Kyttenjanae's website or Vine.

And here's the moment that started it all.

i think about orcas getting big dumb horrible legs, coming ashore and elegantly fucking our whole thing up orcas also have so many teETH

— ° Kill Wiesenfeld ° (@BATHSmusic) September 24, 2015

See more of Kyttenjanae's work on her website.

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