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Animation Film Pays Tribute To The Quiet Splendor Of The Eames House

A house is not a home until it is animated.

The Eames Houseis on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places for its importance to modern architecture and living. Experts the world over—Ice Cube included—have fawned over its live-work appeal for decades. And now, designer couple Charles and Ray Eames’ seminal work can also live on through a sublime animation that recreates its masterly design. Like hiskindred spirits, designer Sava Zivkovic gives us the Eames House in his own stripped-down magnificence.


Also referred to as the Case Study House No. 8, the Eames was one of a batch of model homes commissioned by the magazine, Arts & Architecture, starting in 1945. With a housing boom riding the heels of WWII, the mag challenged the leading architects of the day to design model homes as efficiently and inexpensively as possible (while also maintaining an artist’s flair, of course). Collectively known as the Case Study Houses, they were fashioned in stark contrast to what would become modern living’s architectural cheeseburger: the highrise.

For those who haven’t been lucky enough to walk through the grounds of the Eames House, Zivkovic has you covered. Using photos of the space as a reference point…

…Zivkovic rendered the Eames, bit by bit.

This GIF is a handy overview of the process.

While this video offers contrasting shots of his reference photography and their final animated forms.

The final results are outstanding and offer a glimpse into the first-hand beauty that is the actual Eames space. Not to mention that they also invoke their own quiet rumination on what we prioritize when choosing a home.

The case study video is viewable below.

Case Study from we|me:do on Vimeo. See more of Zivkovic's work here.