Don’t Watch These GIFs If You’re Afraid of Brain-Eating Parasites

The horror never ends in these mesmerizing loops by Adam Pizurny.
December 19, 2016, 4:35pm
Images courtesy the artist

Invasive fluid that looks like Venom from Spiderman squirms across 3D human faces in Cobweb Heads, a mesmerizing new series from Czech GIF artist Adam Pizurny. A member of the Glitch Artists Collective, Pizurny's work distorts the human form to push the boundary of the recognizable.

Pizurny fashions an eerie substance that threatens his digital victims' mouth, eye, and ear holes using software co-developed by legally blind GIF artist George Redhawk. The sight of the foreign substance penetrating the head is repulsive in a way that taps into basic human instinctive fear of creepy-crawlies attacking us from within. The fluid is Venom-black in most of the images, except for a collaboration with Felix Rosthschild, which is bright red and white. "It was done utilizing three softwares in combination," Pizurny tells The Creators Project. "WorldMachine for the errosion and vein texture, Plotagraph—co-developed by Redhawk—for animating it, and Blender for rendering. I'm still discovering what can be done with this technique.

While Redhawk's loops communicate how his blindness feels, Pizurny weaves the attention-holding into his experiments with warping 3D scans of human features that he downloads from the internet. "Art-wise it's my usual exploration of human perception of itself," he explains. Check out the full series below.

See more of Adam Pizurny's work on Instagram and Facebook.


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