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Artist Repackages Consumerism as Inventive Wood, Metal, and Marble CGI Worlds

Santi Zoraidez creates a world of abstract realities through his digitally rendered artworks.
Shopping, Personal Project. Images courtesy the artist

The combination of what is digitally rendered and what seems to be reality fuse together in Santi Zoraidez’s multi-dimensional works. He expresses fluidity, motion and abstraction in engaging compositions of his own design. As a passionate art director and designer originally from Buenos Aires, Zoraidez now resides in Berlin, where his desire to transform conceptually modern ideas into striking works of art is fully realized.


His striking sense of color and light, and his inventiveness, allow Zoraidez to create projects that seem tangible, yet also strangely contrived. “I love to create things I would like to have in real life, or that I would like to touch and play with. I really like simple and bold graphics and interior, industrial design, and I like to transmit a bit of that into my projects,” Zoraidez tells The Creators Project. “I love furniture, ceramics, and fabrics that I find going around to flea markets and various stores. I feel really inspired by textures, colors, and forms, and I try to incorporate them into my visuals.” For Zoraidez, the initial concept or idea is the most important element to have when he sits down in front of the screen; once that is in place, the movements of his abstracted narratives develop.


Santi Zoraidez for TV3 Puls Denmark with Frame

There is a level of playfulness in the digital narratives that Zoraidez creates, while realizing unpredictable combinations of texture and form. The inanimate objects he creates seem to engage with each other on his rendered planes. Zoraidez explains, “My projects always have a graphic base that is created in 3D. My aim is for my work to feel tangible, colorful, dynamic and abstract.” He continues, “I use simple shapes, both geometric and organic, and always pay a lot of attention to the compositions. It is important for me to always suggest action or movement in my works, and I always try to tell a story in the images I generate to make them feel fresh.”


Sticks, Personal Project

The complimentary color palettes in Zoraidez’s work are undeniable, and it’s clear that he has a full sense of complimentary hues and tones. He tells The Creators Project, “I like limited color palettes and think pastels mixed with a saturated colour can be a nice combination.” In regards to shape and form, he values the use of creating tangible, real objects in his designs. “Whether it's with materials, light, shapes or objects, I think these things make my graphics feels closer and real,” Zoraidez explains.



“I work a lot with wood, metals, marble and ceramics are also in my palette. I also like producing synthetic elements in combination with noble materials. I always try to mix industrial with lifestyle and trends and with classic elements or everyday stuff,” Zoraidez continues to disclose, “I like materiality from nature too. There is a lot of room to experiment with that!”


Altar, Personal Project

Apart from his extensive commercial portfolio, his output of personal graphic work is equally impressive. Like most intentionally driven artists, his ideas spawn from his own creative language that he then transfers over client work. As the future of the digital landscape continues to expand, Zoraidez values the place that he has carved out for himself. He tells The Creators Project, “I feel passion for what I do and I enjoy each day working as a designer, I don’t wanna lose that!”


Santi Zoraidez for Android with Le Cube. Image courtesy of the artist

More of Santi Zoraidez’s work can be seen online on his site or via his Instagram


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