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"Marilyn Monroe” Music Video Features Sevdaliza Becoming a Cyborg

Hirad Sab and Sevdaliza team up for a dark journey into our relationship with technology.
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Sevdaliza, the dark, minimal songstress based out of Rotterdam, has been making waves since her debut EP The Suspended Kid was released last year. Her video for "That Other Girl" tapped experimental CGI artists Pussykrew to create a lavish world of Neo-Baroque imagery and cyborg technoshamanism. Of the album, “Marilyn Monroe” is a standout, and now the airy ballad is brought to life through the directorial vision of Iranian artist Hirad Sab.


Sab’s 3D digital art in the video is highly structural and precise, which is an impressive feat for a self-taught artist. In the video, Sevdaliza metamorphs into a sort of cyborg statue of herself, dripping in a fluid silver and coated in TRON-like glowing wireframes. It's hard to tell where the technology ends and the human begins—kind of reminds us of having a smartphone.

Watch the video for “Marilyn Monroe” below.

To hear more of Sevdaliza’s The Suspended Kid, check out her SoundCloud, and stay up to date with new work from her Facebook.


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