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The New 'Waterballet' Looks Like a Miyazaki Landscape

Audiovisual artist Kamiel Rongen choreographs ballets in a fishbowl.
July 20, 2015, 8:00pm

Inverted flowers hang from the ceiling in the gravity-defying stage of audiovisual artist Kamiel Rongen's Waterballet - Neverland, the third segment of his Waterballet series.

Using water, paint, and various other materials, Rongen creates vibrant extravaganzas all within his tiny fishbowl. In his latest effort, we see more color, more props, and more of Rongen's mysterious statements. "Who can find Tinkebell?" is all he writes in the video's description.


Rongen, who is currently based in Amsterdam describes how all his Waterballet videos acted as experiments in preparation for his performance at the Eindhoven Psych Lab festival which took place in June of this year. He also creates the audio for his fishbowl spectacles, explaining that his music “lets you drown in a bath of warm sounds” by creating textured, melodic sounds that undoubtedly add to the tone of his fishbowl productions.

For more on Rogen and his Waterballet series check out his Vimeo.


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