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Spoons, Spools, and Sugar Make Fashion Photos More Fun

Frédérique Daubal's minimalist photo manipulations give new meaning to base materialism.
Images courtesy of the artist.

French artist and photographer Frédérique Daubal creates her surrealist photographs by superimposing three-dimensional materials onto flat, commercial images. Daubal takes pictures of female models and covers their faces with seemingly random-yet-recognizable objects like brown sugar, plastic spoons, or flower petals, in a process she calls "overprinting." “My inspiration is fantasy in daily life,” she tells The Creators Project. “I first try to surprise myself, to go beyond what I could imagine." She says she doesn't always immediately know what to put over an image until, “suddenly its obvious… The perfect stuff speaks right to me, and I need to grab it.”


Below, some of the surreal scenes from Daubal's work.

See more from Frédérique Daubal on her website and her Tumblr.


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