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BMO Grounds Crew Shows Montreal Amateurs How to Paint a Soccer Field

A little roast after the crew in Montreal botched the lines of the 18-yard box before the Impact-Toronto FC playoff game last week.

44 yards… 132 feet… — BMO Grounds Crew (@TFC_GroundsDept)November 30, 2016

The Toronto/Montreal sporting rivalry has always been an easy opportunity for fans of each side to go at each other. Today, that strife hit new levels, as even the grounds keepers wanted a piece of the action.

Last week, the field crew at Olympic Stadium got shredded for botching the dimensions of the 18-yard box and subsequently repainting the lines just prior to Game 1 of the MLS Eastern Conference final between Toronto and Montreal—causing a 40-minute delay. Today, BMO Field's grounds crew fired a jab at their counterparts in reaction to the antics of last week's line debacle. The tweet, showing a close up photo of measuring tape and a white line on the pitch, was so simple—yet so clever.

Upon the official arriving on the field prior to last week's match, he noticed that something major was wrong with the 18-yard box—it was painted and measured incorrectly. They had to repaint immediately while instantly confirming Canada's overall image as a clueless soccer nation.

Luckily, though, the game was one of the best in recent memory, with the Impact taking it 3-2 on the properly re-measured pitch. The second and final game goes tonight in Toronto, with both clubs looking to advance to the MLS Cup final for the first time in franchise history.