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Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter Account is Insanely Good

Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter account is a delight.
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The Chicago Bears made waves on Thursday night, trading their No. 3 pick—along with this year's third- and fourth-round picks and another third-rounder next year—to the San Francisco 49ers so they could move up one spot in the draft. With that (very expensive) second pick, the Bears selected UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, a talented young quarterback who has an insanely good Twitter account. Moments after the pick, a 2011 Trubisky tweet in which he expressed his feelings toward kissing "tittiess"—he is pro, btw—surfaced, to universal acclaim. It was deleted by Friday morning, but it quite naturally sparked curiosity in what other thoughts he might have on various issues. The short answer is: Trubisky has lots of thoughts about lots of things. The long answer is below.


Mitchell Trubisky, on tunnels:

Tunnels are legit
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) October 28, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on the Liam Neeson film Taken 2:

Taken 2 was legit
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) October 16, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on candy:

— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) November 7, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on his capacity for cereal:

Having a bowl of cereal #cantgetenough
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) December 22, 2011

Mitchell Trubisky, on currency:

just got handed a 2011 penny damn these boys are #Shiny
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) November 9, 2011

Mitchell Trubisky, on overdose by cough drop:

ate 21 cough drops today #notgood
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) October 31, 2011

Mitchell Trubisky, on predicting the future:

I always wonder who creeps on my twitter page
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) September 25, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on impossibility:

Hate when you think of a great tweet and some how forget to tweet it..
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) September 17, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on suspense:

Just saw the most unbelievable thing on my way home
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) September 14, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on life:

The grass aint always greener on the other side, its green where you water it.
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) September 3, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on flags:

USA has the sweetest flag
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) August 9, 2012


Mitchell Trubisky, on fortune:

Must be my lucky day,just found a land before time beachball rollin in the road haha
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) August 5, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky, on perfection:

Hottub with a strawberry milkshake #perfect
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) April 28, 2012

Mitchell Trubisky is my new favorite football player.