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Born in Flamez Loves "Pretty and Disturbing" Club Music for Today's World

The Last Record: the Berlin-based producer selected tunes from Chants, Ziúr, and Perera Elsewhere.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Whether it's for playing out at a club or listening at home, DJs and producers typically have an encyclopedic hoard of music, new and old. In The Last Record, they tell us about the last three songs or albums they've purchased, and why these were important additions to their music collection.

This week, we spoke to Born in Flamez. Most recently, the Berlin producer released the '50 Down' EP on Infinite Machine, remixed a track for Health, and is working on collaborations with DJ Heroin and Pixelord. Later this year, expect a tour and workshops in West Africa and their Berghain debut.


Chants - "Crushed Lollipop (SHALT remix)"

I bought it April 3rd in preparation for a mix I'm working on. I really, really love how it unites the chaotic deconstruction and anger of current club music with lots of melody. It's pretty and disturbing at the same time, very much like 2017. And the sounds are just perfectly-produced. Really genius remix!

Ziúr - "Solstice FM x Round Round"

This one was a freebie. Ziúr posted it on Facebook and sent it to everybody who [messaged] her. I'm super into Ziúr. I think she's one of the most talented producers out there right now. I love the hyperactivity of the song and the mashed up vocals are out of tune just a tad.

 I think she has a very unique approach to that club/not club sound. There's a lot of people in this genre right now and a lot of it sounds very, how shall I say, "constructed/calculated." I feel like her flow is very genuine and she has a huge rhythmical talent. It's quite unexpected and really punk in a way even though it's electronic music and the sound design is cutting edge.

I can't wait for Mika to drop this one on her album, which will come out in October.

Perera Elsewhere - "Happened"

I really love Perera Elsewhere's way of sampling and songwriting. She uses all kinds of household stuff and then fucks it up and brings it back in a totally different and beautiful way.

Lyrics are something I find extremely tough. It's very hard to make something that's not cheesy and it's very hard to write something that's not bland. If you achieve to do something that's not cheesy or bland, it can easily sound full of pathos. It's a really tricky business, but Sasha kind of steers clear of all these three and achieves her own voice. Her stories are intricate psychological journeys into the self or social comments that often have many layers. It's very clever and quite moving at the same time.